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Mehmet Baysan, Esq, addressed the members of TETSOFT in the Turkish delegation’s first historic visit to Boston.

Mehmet Baysan, Esq. of WEG Law Offices, P.C. addressed the members of the TETSOFT delegation in a private event. TETSOFT is comprised of the most distinguished representatives of the Turkish software industry . TETSOFT's visit to Boston marks a historic event as it is the first Turkish delegation in the Republic’s history to visit Boston in an official capacity to initiate and improve the bilateral business relations in the software industry. WEG Law Offices, P.C. Is proud to be a part of this important event and it will continue to work with TETSOFT to further improve the relationship between the parties.

WEG is proud to announce that it has become the local counsel for Turkish Airlines in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Starting from April 1, 2015, WEG will be acting as the local counsel for Turkish Airlines in Massachusetts. Turkish Airlines is the national flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey and Boston has become the airline’s Sixth gateway in the United States America since its inaugural flight in May 2014. WEG would like to welcome Turkish Airlines to Massachusetts. (

WEG has recently co-sponsored the Turkish Investment Symposium held at Harvard Club in Cambridge, MA.

WEG has recently co-sponsored the Turkish Investment Symposium that was held at the esteemed Harvard Club in Cambridge, MA. The event was mainly organized by the Office of the Turkish Attaché Alperen Kaca. The guests included the Turkish Consul General to Boston, Omur Budak, the president of Independent Industrialist and Business Association (“MUSIAD”) Nail Opak, the president of MUSIAD USA Mustafa Tuncer and other high ranking officers from MUSIAD. The event was chaired by the Harvard Business School Professor H.K. Viteor and was heavily attended by both the Turkish and the New England business leaders. WEG is proud to be a part of the symposium that has now become an annual gathering for the Turkish and the American business people alike to strengthen the close ties that both countries have enjoyed over the last century.

Mass. Health Fraud Case

In this case a couple were accused of fraudulently obtaining over $50,000.00 in health care benefits from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We represented the husband and were able to obtain a disposition of the case involving a 30 day sentence to a house of correction.

Mass. Health Fraud Case 1
Mass. Health Fraud Case 2

Waltham Kennel Controversy

We successfully represented a group of abutters in Waltham before the Board of Zoning Appeals when Skipton Kennels purchased a home in a residential neighborhood and converted it into a commercial kennel for up to 150 dogs. The kennel claimed the property was "grandfathered" out of the local zoning laws because it was historically operated as a kennel. After many months of hearings during which we introduced historical aerial photography, tax records, residential leases for the property as an apartment house, and affidavits from past residents of the area, the Waltham Board of Zoning Appeals upheld a cease and desist order against Skipton Kennels.

Skipton Kennel Zoning Case
Skipton Kennel Zoning Case 2

Claddagh Licensing Hearing

We represented the Claddagh of Harwich, MA in its successful application for restoration of its revoked entertainment license. The license was granted after a unanimous vote.

Claddagh Licensing Hearing

The Bon Bon Bandit Case

We participated in defending Alan Daughtry, whom the police suspected was the so-called “Bon Bon Bandit” after a string of robberies of candy stores. Daughtry was charged when an alleged eyewitness to a robbery gave his name to the police days after the robbery – which was a robbery of a shoe store.

Bon Bon Bandit Case

Mendes Murder Case

This case was ultimately resolved by a dismissal of the murder and armed robbery charges as well as all other felony counts.

In this case, our client was one of two juveniles who were charged along with a young adult with one of the most notorious murders in Cape Cod history.

Mendes Murder Case 1
Mendes Murder Case 2

Franklin Case

In this case, our client faced aggravated assault and battery charges and a potential manslaughter indictment after he allegedly participated in an altercation with an individual who later passed away. Our investigation uncovered witnesses to a car accident that the deceased was involved in after the alleged fight. This matter was dismissed in its entirety.

Franklin Case

Interview: Kerrigan Trial

We were asked our opinion of whether it would be effective for the defense to call the defendant's sister, famed skater Nancy Kerrigan, as part of the defense. We agreed with other experts that her testimony could only help.

Interview: Kerrigan

Interview: Chuck Turner

We were asked for analysis of the proceedings in the Chuck Turner bribery trial. Our analysis was not favorable.

Interview: Chuck Turner Case

Newell Case

In this matter our client was charged with firearms charges and with being an armed career criminal (carrying a mandatory minimum 15 year state prison sentence) after a car he was riding in was stopped and a search revealed firearms and ammo in the glove box. We prevailed on a motion to suppress this evidence based upon an unlawful search and seizure and obtained a dismissal of all charges.

Newell Article