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Practice Areas

Business Law

We counsel a wide range of transactional issues involving real estate, contracts, and commercial agreements. Our office also strives to keep itself up to date with the challenges presented by today's ever changing technological advances. We are equipped to answer many of the legal questions that entities and individuals face in their online presence.

In commercial litigation matters, we represent clients in all levels of state and federal courts as well as before administrative authorities. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating securities law, corporate law, franchise law, and disputes that arise from contracts and real estate transactions.

We also understand the importance of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in furthering the objectives of some of our clients. Arbitration can sometimes operate to the benefit of many clients while shortening the period for a binding determination. Our attorneys have appeared before arbitrational tribunals including FINRA.

Corporate Law

Our office helps small businesses throughout Massachusetts to structure their organizations and transactions to maximize their interests. We advise on the form of the entity that will best suit the interests of each individual client and we provide agreements that are carefully designed for the particular needs of each transaction. Our list of clients includes many well known restaurants, retail shops, securities firms, and franchisees in the Boston area.

Criminal Law

We have substantial experience in defending criminal charges in all courts. Our legal services include murder, sex offenses, drug related charges at all levels, and first amendment and free speech cases, as well as embezzlement and a wide variety of white collar crimes. Our attorneys are admitted to practice in both the State of New York and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts courts and we have appeared in other venues by special arrangement.

Franchise Law

Our office has successfully represented many franchisees against larger corporations in their disputes arising from contractual rights, obligations and real estate arrangements. We are highly sensitive to the expensive nature of litigating against larger corporate adversaries and we structure our approach to be as cost effective as possible. Our office is confident in its successful track record in such law suits with its efficient team of attorneys and fair fees. We have always committed ourselves to providing smaller enterprises excellent legal service in their efforts to reach just results against larger opponents.

Real Estate Law

Our attorneys have represented both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and we assisted with the acquisition of significant portions of the Fairhaven Mills industrial park in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We have also successfully represented clients in their real estate actions to clear title, invalidate illegal foreclosure sales and remove clouds from their titles. We have also helped clients with zoning related issues. Our office has extensive experience in advising small businesses in drafting and negotiating commercial lease agreements and renewals.

Foreign Real Estate Owners in Turkey

WEG works closely with Orhan&Orhan Law Firm located in Istanbul, Turkey in advising clients who are in need of legal services in their local or cross-Atlantic real estate transactions. These services include advising American born Turkish-Americans who either inherited property from their Turkish descendants or American citizens who have purchased or are intending to purchase or sell property in Turkey.

The recent changes in the tax framework between the American and Turkish jurisdictions have further complicated the challenges that are present by the multi-national nature of these transactions. WEG’s close working relationship with its Turkish counterparts as well as with the world renown tax advisors from McGladrey® allows its attorneys to assist its clients to navigate through this difficult and complicated terrain. Our firm’s close ties with Turkey and its familiarity with its legal and governmental systems can help you to reach your goals faster while enjoying the safeguards of working with an American law firm with a wealth of experience in this area.

Attorneys at WEG are multi-lingual and can assist you by understanding the concerns that an American national would have in an international transaction – especially for property that may carry sentimental or familial values – while enjoying the confidence of being able to communicate in the native Turkish language.

Our firm’s unique composition and affiliations, in addition to our efficient and cost-effective working ethics, will provide you with the quality of legal services that you need in your cross-Atlantic transactions.

Trusts and Estates

Our office provides its clients with targeted estate planning services to realize certain of their goals. Our services include formation of trusts and drafting of last wills and testaments. Our attorneys have extensive experience in combining these simple tools with other mechanisms to structure liability protection plans to maximize protection from third party and creditor claims.